Federal Standard 595 B and C series matching colors. Historically accurate and unaltered colors. No scale effect, just the pure color following the precise dye formula where applicable, and tested under 4 major light types

Series 2:

World War II, our greatest conflict, and possibly the greatest confluence of military design and construction. The military material here has spurred the creation of countless models of so many types. The resulting series of paints will be very large, right now at over 160 paint shades. Starting with the U.S.A. Navy and Royal Navy colors, we will quickly expand into the RLM, RAF, IJN, IJA and the rest of the ANA colors. 


Modern Military, the colors used by countries around the world. Generally from the 90s and forward. We are going to start this year with the Russian Naval colors and the colors of the British Army. Countries armed services we are looking to cover include Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, UK,  Germany, Czech and Slovak republics, France, Isreal, Iraq, Egypt, Switzerland, Greece, and China


Automotive, Figure and mixing colors. Some of the greatest colors have been displayed on the automobiles over the last 100 years. Starting later this year we intend to bottle some of these classic colors, both in enamels and lacquer bases. In the true spirit of the hot-rodders we will be offering regular and metallic paints ready for your custom mix for the next masterpiece. For figure painting we have been greatly inspired by our friends and acquaintances here in New England. From human skin tones to the oranges of the "Thing", this color range is amazingly diverse.