WWII U.S. Navy Greens will be coming out in June, along with 3 Mountbatten Pink(s). The Battle of Britain Colors are nearing completion and will be released in July if all goes according to plan. IJN and DKM naval paints to be released around the same time completing our WWII Naval paints set with 88 paint colors!  Our Naval Paint colors have all been tediously marched to Snyder and Short paint chips. We have found no better or more accessible resource for these paints, and the work these folks have put into these chips is simply astounding. 

With the completion of WWII Naval paints this summer we will launch full force into RLM, RAL, British Army, Soviet Army, Japanese army colors for all our tank and vehicle modeling friends.

We will be releasing our own lacquer based clear coats (gloss, semi and matte) around late June. Testing so far has been extremely positive, with no yellowing and strong adherence to the model.  We will be using 2oz glass bottles with the same cone type caps. The mix will be set for airbrushing right from the bottle, though the gloss is still a good brush painter for those signal lights and such. 

We will also be adding to our non military paint colors for the car, train and diorama modelers and our Series 3, Modern World Military paints will be showing up on our site in October including Russian Air Force and Army.  


We are very pleased and honored to announce that we are supplying paints for BlueJacket Shipcrafters Inc in Searsport, Maine. BlueJacket has for over a century provided some of the highest quality ship models of all makes and types. To be supplying the paint for Nic and his craftsmen is a real treat for us and we encourage all ship builders to checkout the BlueJacket's website at www.bluejacketinc.com

Valleycon and DownEastcon were incredible shows this year and we were very pleased to be vending at these shows. Thank you to both clubs for your support and hard work. Cant wait until spring 2019!





NEW CAPS!!!  We have changed our caps due to several factors, not least of which was that many people hate the old tin cap for getting stuck with paint, not sealing very well, and losing its gasket to easily. Our new Phenolic Poly-cone Bottle Caps are superior in every way, and we are hoping to bring back the multiple year shelf life oil enamels used to enjoy.


SERIES 1 IS COMPLETE!-   Series 1, FS # matching paints are complete. 76 different hues from Federal Standard 595 B and C. We will be adding 8 more paints that comprise enamel metal paints (Gold, Silver, Brass, Aluminum) and finish the series with Coast Guard colors, and skin tone.

SERIES 2 IS UNDERWAY!- Series 2, WWII paints are in full development mode. We have 20 hues from the US Navy and the Royal Navy, and have started on the US Army. This series will include many of the RLM colors, along with colors from the Imperial Japanese Air and Naval forces, British Army and Air, along with Italian and Russian forces. This series will be rather large, right now we are expecting a full 150 paint hues.




Sourcing a manufacturer for our paint racks has been a losing battle, so we are going to produce our own wooden racks!  We will be open to selling entire racks to hobby shops at a discounted price once these racks are complete. The signage and paint labels for the racks have been sourced locally in Bangor Maine.

We have had some success with our gloss, flat, matte and semi gloss coats. Once ready we will be selling these in 2oz bottles already mixed and ready for your air brush. Our topcoats are Lacquer based, then we adjust the heat of the mixture to give a good dry time and a great flat finish but without drying in the air brush.




 The colors of our first set. Note the progression of our labels...    The sets will have paints with the new labels, glossy, tough, with our new logo and the FS #

The colors of our first set. Note the progression of our labels...    The sets will have paints with the new labels, glossy, tough, with our new logo and the FS #

Spring 2018 Some Series 3 paints (Modern World Militaries) are scheduled to come out along with our new series of Metal Effects Lacquer Paints.