WE ARE MODELERS.     Between the two founders we have lives full of aviation, engineering, manufacturing, military history, family and friends, house repairs, vehicles that don't always run and paying far more in taxes than what seems reasonable.

We are Modelers, striving for that next level of perfection, accuracy, historical meaning, and occasionally just building because its awesome. In Jaime's case because he can possibly take up an entire table with some large scale monstrosity, In Joes case, any tie to Grumman is a way to ensure the kit will see his table. 

We created these paints with purpose of furthering the quality of color and application that can be experienced by modelers young and old. Whether you build for historical accuracy, dazzling the crowds at a show with technique, or replaying a prominent moment from your life, we want our paints to be the ones you look to when you create your next masterpiece.